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Dead simple dashboards for your feeds, no sign in required, ever.

48 hours before the end of IGoogle, I finally decided to find a replacement for hosting my feeds. I tried several products, but none of them was satisfying for me, so I created IFeedle. It replaces 99% of the functionalities I was using from IGoogle: display a set of feeds as "widgets" on a three columns layout.

IFeedle is dead simple: open a default dashboard, or one of the examples below, and add/remove feeds. Then, simply bookmark the page, and you're done! You can also import your IGoogle settings file as described below.


IGoogle import

If you still have your IGoogle settings file (Settings menu, then "Export" button), you can even import it: IFeedle will create a new browser tab for each IGoogle tab, and each RSS feed found will be displayed as a feed widget.

Coming soon...

I just started developing IFeedle so that you and I can import our IGoogle settings when it's still time. I have plenty of ideas of cool features to add to IFeedle. Here is a list off the top of my head: